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Municipality Novi Grad / Bosanski Novi.
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Una springs on northeastern side of mountain Strazbenica near village Suvaja, on 448 m of height above sea level. Its flow is 207 km long, and finishes by emptying in Sava near Jasenovac. In its 131th km, near village Blatna, on 130 m of height above sea level, comes to Novi Grad region.

“It was given its name by Romans and in Latin means “The only one”, which response it perfectly whit regard to its cleanness, swifts, cascades, waterfalls, and general irreplaceable look of its composite valley in landscape from spring to mouth.” (prof.dc. D. Todic)

Una with its beauty and exoticness, leaves no one indifferent. It is known for its attractive green-blue color, as well as natural waterfalls. That is why it is attractive for many water-lovers. There are many beaches on Una, in the town and in rural localities.

People from nearby towns often spend their vacation on Una`s beaches.

This river is also attractive for water-sports lovers. Una is especially favorable for rowing. Some of world fameous rowers are from our town. Rufting, very popular sport lately, is also often organized on this river.



On Una their place find not only fishermen but hunters, too, spending their spare time on this river through the whole year.

It would be difficult and useless to count all opportunities which this river gives. We leave that for exploration to everyone who visit this town. But, in this short story about river Una, we must not forget Una`s quay, promenade which spreads all along Novi and without it, this town would not be so attractive.



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